Painting house interior may seem easy and there are a lot of DIY tutorials out there that can help but be careful because a simple mistake can ruin the whole idea of painting a room.


Preparing the walls/surfaces before painting can be the most time-consuming task aside from the painting itself. A successful painting project relies on a properly prepped wall. Your painter will scrape, sand, patch, clean dust, fill holes, repair cracks, and other damages that may hinder a flawless finish of the paint.

Use High-Quality Roller Covers and Brushes

Low-cost roller covers leave marks and lints that can get stuck on your paint and when it dries cause bumps and uneven paint which will be much difficult to repair. Same as with a poor quality brush that may leave ugly streaks on your walls. While you are thinking of beautifying your walls, being stingy on the tools may bring opposite results.

Secure Furniture, Hardware and Floors

One way to get a flawless paint is to avoid splatters and spills. You have to secure and cover every trim, furniture or floor that would not receive paint.

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